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Girl's Dress Sew-Along Lesson 4: Sewing the Bodice

Lesson 4: Sewing the Bodice

I am so excited, we are finally going to start sewing! In this lesson of our sew-along I am covering sewing the bodice together and attaching your chosen embellishment. As always, you can find all the lessons here. Let's get sewing! The video shows how to do each of the steps and gives reasons why I am doing things in a certain way, but below are the written instructions as well.

Before Beginning to Sew

Before we begin sewing, transfer all markings from the bodice pattern pieces to the fashion fabric and the lining. I do this with small snips in the fabric. Stabilize the neck edge of both the front and back bodice pieces by sewing a line of stitching along the neckline with a 1/3" seam allowance from the shoulder to the center. If you are interfacing the entire bodice, trim the seam allowances from the bodice interfacing pieces and then fuse to the bodice fashion fabric.

If you are not interfacing the entire bodice, fuse the 1" strips to the bodice back, lining the strips up with the fold line.

applying bias strips

Sew the Shoulders

Place the rights sides of the bodice together at the shoulders and sew using a 1/2" seam allowance. Repeat with the lining. Press flat and then press seams open.

Sewing the shoulders of the bodice

Attach the Ruffle

To attach the ruffle, pin the ruffle to the neckline matching raw edges, center front and lining the short ends of the ruffle up with the center back line. Stitch in place using a 1/2" seam allowance.

Attaching the ruffle

Attach the Scalloped Edging

To attach the scalloped edging, pin in place lining up the raw edges of the neckline and going from back raw edge to back raw edge. Make sure to place the side of the edging that you prefer face down (right sides together). Stitch using a 1/2" seam allowance. Trim ends even with the back edge.

Attaching the scalloped edging

Attach the Piping

To attach the piping, pin in place matching the raw edges of the neckline and extending beyond the raw edges of the back. Stitch in place using the piping or zipper foot. Stitch one needle width closer to the piping if possible. Trim the piping even with the back raw edge and remove 1/2" of the piping cord from the piping (the cord that is in the seam allowance.) Repeat on the armholes if you would like to pipe them as well.

Attaching the piping


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