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New to Smocking? Start Here!

Welcome to the wonderful world of smocking! There are tons of resources here at Pink Hollybush to help introduce you to smocking and to help you perfect your craft. But knowing where to start can sometimes be confusing. So here is step by step how to get started!

1. Watch the Get Started Smocking video:

2. Sign up for the Get Started Smocking Email Series.

It is a series of 4 emails that will be delivered directly to your inbox and will walk you through the process of starting to smock. It gives links to stitch instructions, pattern, fabric and needle recommendations and other helpful tutorials.

3. Read through our Smocking: The Basics blog posts.

The Get Started Smocking email series will walk you through the different Smocking: The Basics blog posts in the correct order, but if you don't want to wait and are eager to read more now, you will find all the posts grouped together on this page.

4. Review how to form the individual stitches.

Again, the Get Started Smocking email series will direct you to these posts at the appropriate time, but if you want to see how to stitch the basic smocking stitches, you will find them all in our Smocking Stitches Guide.

5. Check out the Learn to Smock Video Course.

If you are a visual learner and would prefer step by step videos that take you through every step from preparing the fabric to constructing a finished ornament (or using the smocking as an insert for a garment), check out the Learn to Smock Video Course.


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