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Resources for Donating Fabric

Have you started spring cleaning yet? Maybe you were very on top of things and cleaned out and organized your sewing space back in January. If you are interested in applying the Kon Mari method to your sewing space, you might want to check out this post or this one. You could also listen to this podcast. I also have tons of sewing space organization ideas saved on my Sewing Spaces Pinterest Board. As you organize, you might want to donate some of that fabric or other sewing notions...

But why give your fabric away? I am sure that we all have that piece of fabric that we now look at and wonder, what was I thinking? Or maybe its the supplies for a project that we thought we were going get into, and quite frankly it just isn't us anymore. Instead of holding on to it, and especially if you are feeling guilty for not using it, as Marie Kondo would say, let it move on and go to someone who would find joy in having or receiving it.

Which of course brings us to the question of where to donate it. First up, think local. For larger pieces of fabric, craft kits and other craft supplies, contact your local nursing home, senior center or boys and girls associations. Many would appreciate the craft supplies. Reusable resource centers that accept donations are popping up in many towns. You can find a listing on the Reusable Resource Association's website. Many thrift stores are happy to have fabric and craft supplies as well, you just have to check. Over on instagram, @jaxx.of.all.trades mentioned that she can donate excess fabric through her local H & M recycling program. She also uses scraps for stuffing.

If the fabric you wish to donate is quilting cotton, there are many organizations that make quilts and would gladly accept your donations. Check with your local quilt guild or church groups that have this ministry. Also, see my blog post on Sewing for Charity and see if there is a local chapter of the Linus project that could use donations.

Maybe you would like to try and get some extra cash (for future fabric purchases or just for some fun pocket money), check out Destashify. You can sell fabric on the site (there is no cost to list it) or choose to donate it. If you donate, the company will send you a shipping label so there is no charge to you.

Finally, Friends of Pinewood Reservation accept donations of all kinds of art and craft supplies, so if you donations are easily mailed, you might want ship your items to them. Happy Spring Cleaning!


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