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Working with Guipure Lace: Prepping & Cutting.

Vintage McCalls pattern used for the dress.

This is the 2nd in the Working with Guipure Lace Tutorials. You can find all of them here.

To make a Guipure Lace Dress, first make a Muslin.

I began my daughter's graduation dress with this 1940's slip pattern by McCalls. Following the directions given by Susan in the Couture Dress Class, I cut out and fit a muslin to her. Thankfully the Muslin fit great and needed few if any alterations. I did leave generous 1 inch seam allowances if it did need changes. All of the darts and stitching lines were thread traced on the muslin.

Use the Muslin to cut out the Interlining and Fashion Fabric.

I then used the muslin as my pattern and cut out the imperial broadcloth which was my interlining. All of the marks were transferred to the broadcloth using dress makers wax paper. I then used the muslin to cut out the fashion fabric (this is the fabric that shows through the lace, not the lace itself