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Would you like to sew beautiful clothes that the child in your life can't wait to wear?

Pink Hollybush patterns & courses enable moms and grandmas to add love with every stitch as they create easy care garments with unique details that children adore.

You can sew clothes that children will love (and are mom approved) Grab my freebie, 5 Tips to Sew Clothes Children (& Mamas) Adore and create a garment that the child in your life will beg to wear!

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Do the Beautiful Clothes you sew just hang in the closet because...

  • they are too fancy?

  • they need to be ironed?

  • they aren't soft & comfy?

At Pink Hollybush Designs, we've got you covered. Moms don't object to special and unique elements on clothes - handcrafted is prized! But today's moms won't sacrifice functionality and practicality. With Pink Hollybush Patterns, you can create soft comfy clothes made from easy care fabrics that children will want to wear everyday from the playground, to school, to exploring their own backyard.

We will help you create that one of a kind garment that the child in your life will beg to wear and you will be proud to say you made for them. With Pink Hollybush Patterns, you are one garment away from a phone call begging for you to sew more!


I want to get started Sewing!

Need help with knits? Check out these resources.

Interested in Smocking? Get our Get Started Smocking Guide.

Welcome to Pink Hollybush Designs!

I am so glad you are here! I'm Lisa  - Welcome to Pink Hollybush Designs. I know you want to use your talents and skills to connect with & create something special for that child that you adore. As a new grandma with my granddaughter two plane rides away, I understand how difficult it is to be separated from that special child. Sewing for Nia is a way for me to show my love across the miles. But Nia won't feel that love if the clothes are just hanging in the closet because they don't fit today's lifestyle. At Pink Hollybush, we love to take traditional techniques and apply them in a fresh and modern way to create a one of a kind garment that the child in your life will love. As the former President of the Smocking Arts Guild of America, I love to smock, so many  Pink Hollybush patterns include an option for smocking if you would like to add it, but there is no need to. So grab that cup of tea, explore our patterns, courses and tutorials, and let's make something for that special child today!

With Pink Hollybush Patterns...
You can sew soft, comfy clothes moms & kids adore!
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