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Flower Name Tags

These are Flower Name Tags that I made a few years ago for our church's women's retreat, and thought I would do a quick tutorial. I had to make 60 so yes, they go together very fast!

You will need:

  • Different color cardstock - flower color and green for the leaves

  • Colored Brads - I got mine at JoAnns in the scrapbooking section

  • Scissors or cutting machine - I used scissors; it can be done!

  • Awl

  • Pattern (available here)

  • Pencil

Trace and cut out the big flower shape, a small flower shape and a leaf.

Using the pencil, roll each petal toward the center of the flower.

Assemble the flower stacking the small petal on top of the large petal on top of the leaf, and making sure the bottom of the leaf is under the center of the flower.

Make a hole with the awl. Offset your flower petals to make your flower look full and insert a colored brad in the hole. The brad will keep the petals from shifting. Write your name on the leaf. Enjoy!

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