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The Extra Sharp Pencil Skirt

Extra Sharp Pencil Skirt

Hi Everyone! Today I am over at the Oliver + S blog participating in the Extra Sharp Pencil Skirt Sew-Along. I love my Extra Sharp Pencil Skirt - the fit is just fantastic! I made it out of this wonderful black and white pique from Pinkhollybush (I am sorry but it has sold out!), and I added mini-piping to the seam lines!

love that a Pencil skirt is such a classic and can go from casual

casual styling for the pencil skirt

to dressy!

dressy styling for the pencil skirt.

I had fun adding some little details - like a contrasting seam binding

and hem tape!

Head on over to the Oliver + S blog to get all the details and to see the other Extra Sharp Pencil Skirts made by the Advisor's Circle and Liesl- they all turned out fantastic and will inspire you to try one of your own! There is still time for you to participate in the Sew-Along and maybe take home that $50 gift certificate from Oliver + S! Happy Sewing!

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