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Quick Needle Threader Ornament

Needle Threader Ornament

Tawn is back today with another quick and easy ornament for a sewing enthusiast. Tawn was recently on the blog with her beautiful free smocking design, Reese's Garden of Hearts and before that with her two previous ornament posts (see below). Here is Tawn to explain her inspiration for this latest ornament!

I was in my sewing room, needed to thread a needle, reached for my fun needle threader (I buy about 10-20 at a time from China) and thought, this could make a cute Christmas ornament. It has it's own hanging element or could have an ornament hanging pin attached.

All I did was tie a bow with Christmas fabric, glue the bow to the top of the needle threader right over where the wire goes through the flat section of the needle threader, let dry for 24 hours and hang it up.

Needle Threader Ornaments

OK, back up to why I buy so many...use to be that the fine wire would often break away from the main piece of metal that was held between the thumb and fingers while being pulled through the needle eye. Well, someone along the way told me to just drip a tiny drop of gorilla glue (or your favorite glue) on top of the wires where they go through the flat metal part of the threader and let dry. WOW, I hardly ever break the wire anymore.

Where to drop glue on needle threader

If you buy these needle threaders, purchase them from China as you can usually get 10 for about 2.50. Otherwise, they cost up to 2.00 a piece. It takes a little longer from China, but I haven't had any problems.

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Happy Crafting!

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