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Free Snowmen Designs to Stitch and Sew

Snowmen to Stitch and Sew

Christmas will be here before you know it! One of the wonderful things about using snowmen for your holiday decorations is that you don't have to take them down come January - they are wonderful decorations though out January and February, and even into March (although by that time, I don't want to see snow anymore!) So let's get stitching some snowmen! Here is a collection of free snowman designs for your crafting pleasure.

First up, yes, I have a free smocking plate! I love this Snowman from Michie Moony!

Smocked Snowman

Perhaps a Quilted Snowman Wall hanging is more your style? This design from Patchwork Posse is delightful.

Snowman quilt

You could make this snowman banner from Pat Sloan, but I think the applique design would be adorable on a child's jumper of jonjon. (scroll down for design after clicking through).

Snowman applique design

I also love this happy Snowman Ornament from Bugs and Fishes.

Snowman Ornament

If you prefer knitting, then try using this pattern from Wendy Phillips to make a snowman like my daughter did in the cover photo. Your tree would look adorable with these little guys hanging on it.

Knitted Snowman Ornament

Or if you prefer crochet, here is a pattern from Maria's Blue Canyon.

Crochet Snowman design

Finally, for something extra simple, how about a snowman garland made from paper?

Snowman Paper Garland

Wishing you snow and snowmen!


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