Angels to Stitch and Sew

I have always loved angels; probably because my mother does. Our house was covered in angels at Christmas time. Two of hers have been passed on to me and now are part of our holiday decorations. Angels don't seem to be as popular as some other holiday themes this year and I had a more difficult time in rounding up free angel patterns, but I did find some lovely ones, so we will make up in quality, what we lack in quantity!

First up is this cute Silk Ribbon Design from Martha Pullen. I love how different this design is and the different stitches it uses.

I hate to pick a favorite, but I love white work and so this White Work Angel from Needle 'n Thread is it has got to be it.

If you have a little more time and enjoy cross stitch, then you might want to try this beautiful Cross Stitch Angel.

For a quick but fun ornament, you could try these adorable angels from Cool Creativity.

For the quilter, I found these 2 free quilting patterns from Quilty Finds:

And finally for the crocheter, here is a Granny Square Crocheted Angel Ornament from Sewerella!

Happy Stitching!

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