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Gift Guide for Sewing & Smocking Enthusiasts

It is hard to believe but the holidays are right around the corner. In case Santa needs a little help this year, here is a gift guide with some ideas for the sewing or smocking enthusiast in your life. I have tried to include all price points so Santa is covered whether he has a hefty budget or is looking for a simple stocking stuffer. If you prefer to listen, a video is below. First up, if you are hoping for a new sewing machine, or a pleater for smocking, please check out my videos on Upgrading a Sewing Machine or Purchasing a Used Pleater (I cover where you can purchase a new one as well). Now let's dive into that gift giving list!

(The post below contains affiliate links which means that I receive a small commission if you purchase through the link. Thank you for supporting my business!)

1. A Thread Stash

We all know what a fabric stash is, but a sewist needs a thread stash as well. With a fabric stash and pdf patterns we can start a new project at a moment's notice, unless (horrors!) we don't have matching thread. Solve that problem for the sewing enthusiast with a thread assortment. Guterman offers thread collections from small to large. I no longer try to purchase matching thread, I just fill in my collection. When I use one up, I purchase a replacement and I always have a thread that is close enough in color to match my fabric.

Gutterman Thread Collection

If the gift recipient is into machine embroidery, consider an Isacord thread collection of 12 threads or 30 threads.

Isacord Thread Gift Sets

If the gift recipient is a smocker or an embroider, than a DMC floss collection would be perfect. If Santa's budget is on the smaller side, consider the Holiday collection of 18 threads, a floss tin of 35 floss colors would be lovely, and if Santa's budget is on the larger side, then consider all 449 colors! If Santa does bring all 449 colors, make sure to check out my blog post on how to Organize and store Floss.

Collection of DMC flosses

2. An Online Sewing Course

Help expand their sewing, smocking or embroidery skills with the gift of an online sewing course. There are all kinds of options available. Consider a construction course that teaches how to work with knit fabrics from Pink Hollybush. Or give a Learn to Smock or Advanced Smocking Stitches Course. (If you are reading this before Black Friday, all of the construction courses will be on sale through Cyber Monday.)

Clothes made from Pink Hollybush patterns

3. Scissors

There is no such thing as having too many scissors! We always need more scissors. For working with fabric, my favorite are Kai. They cut the fabric like its butter. Make sure to purchase their 7000 professional series. These all have micro-serrated blades. I have the 8" shears (I have a small hand) but the 10" are the most popular.

If you would like a great stocking stuffer, consider some fun embroidery scissors. Yes, the smocker or embroider probably has several pairs of these already, but one can never have too many. They tend to disappear and so many are needed. Unlike dress making shears, this is one where I don't consider quality that important. Generally I am using them to snip small threads and a basic inexpensive pair does a great job. So have some fun and pick up a colorful pair.

4. Specialty Feet for the Sewing Machine

Additional feet for the sewing machine can get pricey depending on the brand of machine, yet having the correct foot can allow the sewist to achieve a more professional finish. Some of my favorite feet include: Edge Stitch Foot, 3 Groove Piping Foot (to make mini piping with knit fabric), 5 Grove Pintuck Foot (for pintucks and to make mini piping with woven fabrics), Invisible Zipper Foot, Clear Foot (I use this as my all purpose foot), Walking Foot (for quilters and working with knit fabrics), and a Teflon Foot (great for leather and pile fabrics).

5. Pressing Set

The proper pressing tools will allow the sewist to achieve a more professional result. This set includes a pressing ham, sleeve roll and pressing cloths. The wooden clapper is especially helpful to achieve flat seams when working with wool.

If sewing for children, then the pressing ham and sleeve roll pictured above will be too large. The solution is Mini Hams. This Mini Ham Pattern will allow you to make 3 sizes of small hams. Alternatively, consider giving a kit to make the mini hams. Include the pattern, walnut shells for stuffing (they hold the heat), and some fun quilting cotton.

6. Sewing Books

We all need our sewing reference books. Help expand smocking skills with the A to Z of Smocking. If sewing construction is the challenge, consider the A to Z of Sewing for Smockers. The A to Z of Embroidery is also a wonderful reference for the various stitches.

A great read about fabric, fashion history or a novel with a sewing theme would be a fantastic gift. Check out this blog post for some wonderful suggestions.

7. Project Bags

This one may not seem glamorous, but these zippered project bags come in so handy. Clear so you can easily see the project in them, they hold a pattern, the fabric, any needed threads, and an embroidery scissors (see why we need so many!).

Zippered Project Bags

8. Project Notebook

Make 2023 your most organized year yet with a project notebook to record your sewing and stitching projects. You can grab this cute bound one from amazon.

9. Sewing Notecards

For stocking stuffers, consider some fun sewing notecards. I found this pretty design on etsy but there are tons of other designs with a sewing theme available.

10. Needle Minder

Besides loosing our embroidery scissors, it is easy to loose our needles. A pretty needle minder can help solve that problem. I like these vintage sewing machines.

11. Marking Pencils & Sharpener

Something else that the sewist is always going through are fabric marking pencils. I have found these fabric marking pencils from clover are great to mark dark fabrics. The vintage sewing machine sharpener is just fun! Tie the two together with a fun ribbon and you have a great gift.

Clover fabric marking pencils and sewing machine sharpener

and last but not least, if you still don't know what to give, remember that you can always give a...

12. Gift Certificate to their favorite Fabric Store

because as sewists, there is no such thing as having too much fabric!

By the Yard Cartoon

I hope this holiday season all your sewing wishes come true!


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