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A Lace Sweater to top the July Flowers Dress

Knit this adorable lace sweater to top the July Flowers Dress. Tutorial explains how to add lace to the In Threes sweater pattern.

You would think that winter with its cold winds, roaring fires and mugs of hot tea would be when I would settle in and get knitting. Maybe it's because I have traditionally started a new knitting project when we are on vacation, but somehow I get the knitting bug during the summer. This little sweater was started last fall, but I finally sat down and finished it up! My sizing doesn't match up here, (I didn't think that far ahead - the sweater is 12 months and the dress a size 3) but I think it would the perfect little sweater to coordinate with your July Flowers dress!

This little sweater is In Threes by Kelly Herdrick and one of the most popular patterns on ravelry. You do have to purchase the pattern, but it is a quick top down sweater with no finishing needed. I made it out of Berroco Ultra Alpaca. The original pattern has rows of 3 garter stitch bands (thus the name) across the yoke and bottom. Of course, I couldn't just make the sweater the way it was designed, but thought to myself, wouldn't this be adorable with lace and so this little sweater was born. I inserted Miniature Lace 3 in both the yoke and bottom. Aren't the bird buttons adorable? I have them on order for the shop and they will be here in June.

Close up of In Threes Sweater with Lace and Bird Buttons

Follow the In Threes pattern as written beginning row 1 of Miniature Lace 3 on row 9 of the In Threes pattern. Work through the entire lace pattern 3 times for a total of 18 rows of lace. Row 17 of the In Threes pattern is an increase row and this will be an all knitting row on the lace pattern so follow the directions from the In Threes pattern and make the increases. You will need to increase 2 additional stitches to have the correct stitch count for the lace pattern. I placed these additional stitches at the beginning and the end, right after and before the border stitches. After finishing the lace pattern, I decreased by two stitches to return the stitch count directed in the pattern. At the bottom of the sweater, on the last row before beginning the garter stitch bands, I increased to have the correct stitch count for the lace and then I again knit the Miniature Lace 3 pattern 3 times for a total of 18 rows. I finished with the garter stitch edging as instructed in the In Threes pattern.

In Threes Baby Sweater with Lace

True confession time - this lace pattern wasn't easy. Both the right and wrong side rows are a lace pattern and I had to rip it out often. I especially found row 4 difficult and somehow was always 1 stitch short! Regrouping the stitches in my mind helped. So for example, I would think of row 2 as (purl 3), (yarn over, purl 3 together, yarn over), rather than as it is written of purl 2, yarn over, purl 3 together, yarn over, purl 1. I hope that makes sense. It was also necessary to use needles with sharp points and of course not knit the lace when doing anything else! I hope you give this lovely little sweater a try. The pattern as originally written is quite simple and quick, but if you are up for a knitting challenge, then add the lace!

Flat Lay of In Threes Sweater with lace


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