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A Simple Mock Cuff Sewing Tutorial

A love a bubble for a little boy and I made this simple romper from our fun Narwhal fabric and the Sailor Bubble pattern by Michie Moony. However, I didn't read through the directions as carefully as I should have before starting. The pattern directions form the cuff by turning the wrong side of the fabric to the right side of the bubble. That only works with a fabric in which there is no distinction between the right and wrong sides of the fabric. Of course, I could have just hemmed the sleeve, but I wanted the cuff detail and an opportunity to provide a 2nd pop of the contrasting fabric I was using on the neckline. Necessity being the mother of invention, here is a quick tutorial on how to add a simple mock cuff.

(I took the following photos flat so you could better see what I was doing, but when actually constructing the cuff, the underarm seam should first be sewn and the following steps sewn in the round, or there will be a large seam bump at the cuff. Also, it appears that the Sailor Bubble was updated to be the Tucked Bubble and the cuff eliminated. The tutorial will work with any sleeve pattern assuming that adequate hem allowance is provided as explained below.)

Extend the sleeve hem allowance to provide a 2" hem allowance. Fold 3/8" to the wrong side and press.

3/8" folded to the wrong side

From the right side, make a tuck in the fabric so the width of the cuff is 5/8". This can take a little fiddling back and forth.

Form a tuck from the right side.

From the wrong side, the folded edge doesn't line up but is slightly off set. This is similar to the way you fold a hem when using the blind hemming foot on a sewing machine.

The tuck from the wrong side.
The tuck from the wrong side

Clip the edge together and topstitch the bottom edge 1/8" from the edge.

Edge clipped in place.

Slip the contrasting piping under the top of the tuck.

Cuff with contrasting piping inserted

Edge stitch the piping and the top of the tuck in place.

Finished Cuff

Here is the finished cuff! I finished the bubble with Kam plastic snaps which you can find here. (this is an amazon affiliate link and I receive a small commission if you purchase through it.) Happy Sewing.


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