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Another Great Knit Dress!

Seamwork Bobby Dress made from Art Gallery Haymow Knit

Last week I wrote about the Colette Patterns Moneta/Seamwork Bobby dress that I made for my younger daughter. This week I have a straight Bobby that I made for my older daughter. This pattern goes together in a couple of hours and is simple to make. The fabric that I used is Haymow by Art Gallery, along with a light weight rayon knit for the bodice lining. I changed the dress by shortening it (the original Bobby pattern is tea length) and using one inch elastic instead of the two inch the pattern calls for at the waist. My daughter is short waisted and she has noticed that the wider elastic tends to hit her ribs rather than sitting on her waist. I also added the bonus flutter sleeves that come with the pattern. As usual I hemmed the dress with my preferred Honeycomb stitch method.

Seamwork Bobby Dress made from Haymow Art Gallery Knit Fabric

My older daughter lives farther away and so I wasn't going to see her to be able to fit the pattern. Bobby has a blouson styled bodice that is gathered to the waist by the elastic. It allows more flexibility in the fit than the Moneta that I used for my younger daughter (who was available to be fitted). If you are looking for a fun and easy knit dress for the summer, I hope you will give Bobby or Moneta, or a combination of the two a try!


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