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Free Picture Smocking Plates for Boys

Smocking for Boys

I'll admit that smocking for boys can be more difficult than for little girls, and your window of opportunity is limited, but that is all the more reason to smock for your little boy while you can! My round-up of Free Christmas Smocking Plates has been so popular, that I thought we needed another. Today, I have a round-up of free smocking plates to get you inspired to pick up your needle and thread and get smocking! Below is a video if you prefer to listen. Don't forget to check out Free Picture Smocking Plates for Girls, Free Picture Smocking Plates for Babies and Free Geometric Smocking Plates.

First up, a few of my favorites from Clare Meldrum of Gathering Threads: there is Pirate Adventures and On the Farm. I love the detail Claire puts in her plates.

Pirate Smocking Plate

On the Farm

Of course what little boys doesn't love cars, and trucks! Martha Pullen has this free Cars Plate, and Janet Gilbert has a Traffic Signal (once you click, scroll down for plate).

Cars Plate

Traffic Signal Smocking Plate

And of course, there is Little Hippo from Pink Hollybush Designs!

Little Hippo Smocking Plate

Happy Smocking, and if you haven't signed up the monthly newsletter, sign up now and receive the free Daisy Smocking Plate! And here is the video:


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