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Free Picture Smocking Plates for Girls

smocking plates for girls

One of my favorite blog posts is putting together a round-up of picture smocking ideas for you. So far, we have a Round-up of Free Smocking Plates for Boys, Free Smocking Plates for Babies and Free Smocking Plates for Christmas (just in case you want to get started early!) So of course, I need to do a Round-up of Free Smocking Plates for Girls! There are some lovely plates out there, from the very complicated to the simple if you are new to picture smocking, so let's see what I found!

First up is the adorable Strawberry Fields from Love and Stitches.

Strawberry Fields Smocking Plate

Gwen Milner has a more advanced design: Cinderella:

Cinderella Smocking Plate

Merry Mermaid

If you are new to picture smocking, an easier place to start would be the plates from My Treasured Heirlooms. The site is no longer there, but you can smock the design by just looking at the pictures. These include a Cupcake,

Cupcake Smocking Plate

and Bouquet of Flowers.

Bouquet of Flowers Smocking Plate

The Poodle,

Poodle Smocking Plate

and Sunbonnet Sue are a bit more challenging.

Sunbonnet Sue

If you are up for a challenge, one of my favorite plates is Pansies by Claire Meldrum.

Pansies Smocking Plate

Or you could try this Butterfly plate from Sew Beautiful Magazine.

Butterfly and flowers smocking plate

Finally from Pink Hollybush there is Blooming Rose and Reese's Garden of Hearts.

Blooming Rose Smocking Plate

Reese's Garden of Hearts Smocking Plate

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