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Girl's Dress Sew-Along Lesson 7: The Skirt Placket

Lesson 7: The Skirt Placket

Congratulations on successfully sewing your armholes with the burrito method! Today we are tackling the skirt placket - you can do this - I promise! As always you can find all the Sew-Along lessons here. So with our bodice successfully finished, lets tackle that placket! The video gives much greater detail, but the shortened written version is below as well.

Transfer the Markings.

First transfer the pocket markings to the skirt front and back. On the Skirt back, make a clip in the seam allowance for the center front. Also mark the notch at the waist seam and the placket bottom at center front. Draw in the "v".

Marking the Stitching Lines on the Skirt

Stitch & Cut the Skirt.

Using a straight stitch and a shortened stitch length of 2.0, stitch down the "v", take 1 stitch across the bottom, and stitch back up the other side. Cut down the center front to the bottom of the "v" making sure to not cut through the stitching.

Cutting the Skirt

Prepare the Placket Piece.

Open out the center back. Take placket piece 7 and draw a line 1/4" from and parallel to one long edge. Press 1/4" the other long edge to the wrong side.

Preparing the placket

Pin Placket to Skirt.

With right sides together, match the drawn line on the placket to the line of stitching on the skirt and pin together.

Pinning placket and skirt together

The raw edge of the skirt and placket do not line up.

Placket pinned to skirt from placket side

Stitch the Placket to the Skirt.

With the placket on top, stitch along the marked line just catching the bottom of the skirt at the "v". Press the placket away from the skirt and then bring the folded edge over to just cover the line of previous stitching. Hand stitch in place with a slip stitch (see video for how to do this). Stitch diagonally across the placket, making sure not to catch the skirt and to secure the placket.

Stitching across the placket

With right sides facing you, turn the right placket to the wrong side and stitch in the seam allowance to hold in place.

Finished Placket

Congratulations - you have finished your placket! Happy Sewing!


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