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Smocking Tutorial: The Trellis Stitch

Smocking Tutorial: The Trellis Stitch

The Trellis Stitch is the 3rd of the basic smocking stitches. So far we have covered the Cable and Wave Stitches, and it is now time for the Trellis Stitch.

The Trellis Stitch is a stitch that travels between two or more levels to form a zigzag line. It consists of a beginning and ending closure stitch, usually a cable stitch, connected by a series of interval stitches, or steps.

In the picture at the left, I have stitched a four step trellis stitch. The opening and closing stitches are not counted, but the stitch is named by the number of "steps" - in this case four. Typically the steps are taken 1/3 or 1/4 of the distance between the two rows.

Bottom line - it is easier to stitch the Trellis than to try to describe how to stitch it! Begin the Trellis Stitch with an up cable.

Begin with an up cable

Take the first step by moving over to a new pleat and moving down 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down toward the next pleating row. I am taking 1/4 steps.

Trellis First Step 1/4 down toward the next pleating thread.

Take the second step in the same way: move over one pleat and travel down to 1/2 way between rows. Notice that my thread is above the needle. This is a dance and the needle always leads; the thread follows. The third step is taken in a new pleat 3/4 of the way toward the next pleating thread, and the final step is taken in a new pleat at the bottom of the row.

Take the second step 1/2 way toward the next pleating thread.

Close the Trellis with a down cable.

Close the Trellis Stitch with a down cable

Travel up the same way. Each stitch goes in a new pleat and travels 1/4 of the way up to the next row. Below is a completed Four Step Trellis.

Completed 4 step trellis

The Trellis Stitch can include as many steps as you would like and can travel over as many rows as you would like. Here I have stitched a Seven Step Trellis.

Seven Step Trellis

I hope you have fun stitching the Trellis Stitch, and if you haven't signed up for our newsletter, please do so and receive the Daisy Smocking plate as my free gift to you.


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