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10 Tips for Choosing Thread Colors for Smocking

Picking Floss Colors

Picking floss colors is usually a fun part of the creative process for starting a new smocking design, but sometimes, especially when working on a print, it be a challenge! You would think it would be simple - just pull colors from the print and you are good to go! But often it isn't that simple, you pick colors, start smocking and find that all your hard work is just disappearing into the print - the goal is to see the smocking! Of course, the smocking should be part of creating a beautiful design and contribute to the overall aesthetic, but we still want it to be noticed! Below are 10 tips to help pick thread colors for your next smocking project. If you prefer to listen, here is the video.

But first a little story... for me, the most difficult time I had picking floss colors was smocking a bishop dress on this lovely Red Rosie Fabric.