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Tips for Cutting and Laying Out Knit Fabrics

With the Twirly Skirt Sew-Along starting in just a few days (you can get all the details) I here thought it would be helpful to offer a few tips on laying out and cutting knit fabric that helps save yardage. As I explain in the video below when I figure out the yardage requirements for a pattern, there are many reasons that I have to err on the side of overestimating fabric. But by utilizing a few of these tips, you can get your next sewing project out of that great piece of fabric in your stash or cut down on the amount you need to purchase. I explain everything in the video, but you can read as well.

  1. Establish the Grain line by cutting the fabric with a rotary cutter and wide ruler.

Fabric is cut with a wide ruler and rotary cutter.

2. Place the pieces next to each other with no gaps between the pieces. This is possible since you established the straight grain line.

Pockets are fit in next to the skirt pieces.

3. Ignore the pattern layout and fit the smaller pieces in where ever you can.

Pocket pieces are added to the sides
Pocket pieces are added to the sides

4. Fold the selvedges to the middle to create two folded edges for pieces cut out on the fold. Fit additional pieces in between.

Selvedges folded to the middle

By following these tips, it's possible to get up to a size 7 Twirly Skirt out of 1 yard of 55 inch wide fabric and up to a size 12 out of a yard and a half. I hope these tips have helped and I would love to have you join us for the Sew-Along getting started on Februrary 10, 2021. Happy Sewing!


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