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Adding Decorative Tucks to a Sewing Pattern

Akita Blouse from Colette Patterns

On my "to sew" list for some time has been the Akita pattern from Seamwork Magazine. Akita is a simple top pattern with just one pattern piece. I decided to have some fun and embellish my top with some graduated tucks. Tucks are simple to add, and just require a little basic math, and some planning ahead of time. Yes, math, I am sorry but there is no way around it! I added a total of six 1/4 inch tucks to the front and back of the top. (Since Akita is one pattern piece, what you add to the front must also be added to the back.) While six 1/4 inch tucks don't sound like a lot, each 1/4 inch tuck requires a 1/2 inch of fabric - 1/4 inch for the top and 1/4 inch for the bottom of the tuck. All together, that is a total of 3 inches - 1/2 inch times 6 tucks. If I had just started making tucks, my neckline would have been 3 inches smaller! This pattern is cut out on the fold, so to add the required 3 inches of fabric to the top, I simply moved the pattern piece 1 and 1/2 inches away from the fold.