Me Made May 2018


It is almost that time of year again - time for Me Made May 2018! Me Made May was started 9 years ago by Zoe Edwards of So Zoe, A Sewing Blog as a challenge and encouragement to herself to wear her handmade wardrobe. Each year it has grown and has now taken the sewing community by storm. And each year I look at the blog posts and instagram pictures of those participating in #mmm18 and think "maybe next year I will have enough handmade clothing that I can participate", but yesterday when I was on the treadmill (yes, I was being good - I hope you are proud of me!) I was listening to the Love to Sew podcast interview with Zoe Edwards and I learned that each individual gets to set their own challenge! While many will choose to wear at least one piece of handmade clothing each day during the month of May, the goal is "to encourage people who sew/knit/crochet/refashion/upcycle garments for themselves to wear and love them more." Zoe goes on to explain that participating will help you get out of a wardrobe rut by focusing on your lesser-worn items and creating new outfits that include them. It will also help you find out what the 'holes' in your wardrobe are so that you are able to use your garment-creating time more usefully in the future. I was also encouraged by what Me Made May isn't. It isn't a photo challenge - in fact there is no requirement to document the month at all if you don't want to! It isn't designed to induce panic sewing. Instead it is to be a personal challenge to move forward from where you are!

My handmade dresses

In order to participate, you enter a comment on Zoe's blog stating your personal challenge. There are over 400 participants already and reading the challenges is quite fun. Many are challenging themselves to wear one piece of handmade clothing each day, but Ashley who just got back into to sewing is committed to wearing a handmade garment each Sunday and Ruth of Ruth Sews committed to having herself or her toddler wear a me made garment.!

2 handmade skirts

So following the encouragement of the podcast, I headed up to my closet to see how many me made garments I actually have. I counted 2 sweaters that would be appropriate for May, 2 dresses, 2 skirts and 10 tops. I was pleasantly surprised!

There are no me made pants in closet and there never have been - that is a sewing challenge I haven't attempted yet! To be honest, I just don't get excited about sewing pants, but that is a discussion for another day. So here I go:

I, Lisa of Pink Hollybush Designs and @pinkhollybush, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '18. I endeavor to wear one me made garment 5 days per week and complete 2 garments for myself during the month of May 2018.

I don't promise to post every day, but I will be posting pictures of my outfits on most days, so follow me on instagram to see my outfits! How about you, ready to give yourself a sewing challenge, sign up for Me Made May!

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