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Adding a Bullion Rose to your Smocking

Adding a Bullion Rose to your Smocking

A while ago I did a blog post on how to make a Bullion Stitch. Showing how to form the stitch with just photos was difficult since your thumb needs to anchor the stitch as you make it. When I decided to add a Bullion Rose to this little Wee Care gown, it occurred to me that a video tutorial may be more helpful! You will find the video below. In case you are interested, the pattern used for this little gown was designed by Julie Stilwell and can be found in SAGANews Volumn 35, issue 3. A similar gown can be downloaded from the SAGA website here. The smocking design is Wee Care 2 which can you download for free.

Close up of Wee Care 2 Smocking plate

You can read about the Wee Care program in this blog post. Here is a list of free Wee Care patterns. Enjoy!

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