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Meet Honey: Smocked Girl's Knit Dress Sewing Pattern

A short sleeve and a long sleeve Honey Dress.

I would like to introduce you to Honey, a simple pull over the head smocked knit dress pattern.

Honey has a mind of her own and doesn't go all in for fancy. She prefers rain boots to patent Mary Janes, a soft comfy knit, to ruffles and lace. She belongs to the girl who owns a butterfly net, finds salamanders in the nearby stream, and has treasures in her pockets. Of course Honey has pockets - how else would the feather her mistress just found make it safely home? Honey has been my most popular pattern to date and with good reason - she is just a workhorse of a pattern! She is a simple knit pull over dress with multiple variations. I tell a little more about her in the video below:

Honey is available as both a printed pattern and as a digital download. There is also a complete video course for sewing Honey. Honey comes with 3 different views as well as long and short sleeves. You can make it with a smocked skirt:

or with a separate smocked insert. Using an insert allows you to smock on broadcloth if you are not comfortable smocking on the knit. It also lets you use a solid color for the smocking and a great print for the dress!

You can also skip the smocking all together and make Honey with a gathered skirt and add some embroidery as I did for this version that was in Classic Sewing Magazine.

Embroidered Honey Knit Dress pattern as seen in Classic Sewing Magazine

Need some more Honey inspiration? Here is a gathered high yoke Honey from Priscilla. A gathered version can be made with a high yoke as Priscilla did below, or with a mid-yoke as I did in the blue dot version above.

Child in a gathered Honey dress pattern.

Kelli loves to smock with an insert...

short Honey dress pattern smocked with birds on an insert.

Kelli also used an insert for this version:

close up of a long sleeve Honey dress pattern smocked with circus animals.

Both of these Honeys are View A with a smocked skirt.

A long sleeve and short sleeve smocked Honey dress sewing pattern

And here is Florence's daughter in her adorable smocked skirt Honey.

Child in a View A smocked Honey Dress sewing pattern

I hope you will give Honey a try and make sure to post a photo of your completed Honey on instagram and tag me - @pinkhollybush when you do!


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