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Just Another Thread Spool Ornament

Tawn has been busy creating more sewing themed ornaments for her friends! You may recall that last year she shared with us her Antique Thimble Ornaments, Spool Ornaments and Needle Threader Ornaments. Here is Tawn to explain how she created these lovely spool ornaments.

To create these fun and decorative ornaments, you can use any size and

most any shape of thread spool. Spools with or without thread, or unusual type of thread spools such as a silk thread will

craft uniqueness to each one.

Antique Thread spool with thread.

Aged Spool without thread

Silk Thread spools that are shorter and stubbier.

I have been collecting all types of thread spools for about three years and

have found a few very interesting ones. I have made a variety of Christmas ornaments over the years using these spools as the foundation of hanging

ornaments, gift baubles and simple pretty ornaments to sit on a shelf of

my sewing room or give to friends.

If I use a spool with thread, I tend to unwind at least one full layer of the

thread to help get rid of the dust which has usually accumulated.


- Thread Spool

- Ribbon

- Felt balls

- Decorative pins

- Glue

Step 1. Glue felt ball to top of thread spool, after a few attempts of

different glues, I liked the results of either using a hot glue gun or

Super Glue Gel.

Step 2. Tie colorful ribbon around center of spool with a knot, if it is a

slippery type ribbon, I put a dot of glue to hold it in place.

Step 3. Insert your favorite pins into felt ball, arranging them charmingly.

Step 4. Be creative to make each one special (figure 4)

Step 5. Place in sewing room or give as

a gift to family or friends.

I used a bit of crocheted lace and ribbon to add a bit of flare to several I made this year.

Using simple, undecorated felt balls also make cute ornaments

that can be set on a shelf year round.

These were made for my friends who sew and/or quilt.

Use your imagination and have fun!

I purchased the hand embroidered Christmas felt balls from: The Felt Pod.

The fun and decorative pins can be purchased at: Just Another Button Company.

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