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Lil' Honey: Adding a Drawstring to a Knit Baby Day Gown.

Sewing a Baby Daygown with drawstring bottom pin.

Our easy to sew Lil' Honey pattern can easily be altered to create a Baby Day Gown. In the tutorial below, I show you how to add a drawstring to the hem to keep baby warm and snuggly. For older babies who are starting to toddle, the pattern can be used for a nightie. This is the 4th in our Sewing For Baby Video Series. You will find all the Sewing for Baby Video Tutorials here. The steps are also listed out for you with photos below if you prefer to read. The ladybug knit fabric is available here.

Prepare the Pattern.

To make a day gown or nightie, simply cut the skirts to the length given below. The width is the same as given in the pattern. The lengths listed are correct even though the 18 and 24 month sizes are shorter. I have assumed that a 18 or 24 month old child is starting to toddle and have made the skirt lengths so the nightie finishes at ankle length. New Born to 12 month size is longer to be a day gown that will cover the feet and still allow for movement. To make the pattern for a boy, or if you don't know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, simply use the tailored sleeve and omit the optional ruffle for the collar.

Lengths to Cut the Skirts:



3 mon.

6 mon.

12 mon

18 mon

24 mon

Length to Cut Skirts in/cm

19.5/ 49.5

20.5/ 52

21.5/ 54.5

23/ 58

20.5/ 52.7

23 58

Prepare the Gown.

For the day gown or nightie, follow the directions given in the Lil' Honey pattern. No changes are necessary other than using the longer skirt pieces.

Lil' Honey Day gown and pattern

Press up the hem and mark the center front of the gown.

Mark the Gown.

On the right side of the gown, mark the center front at the pressed up hem line. Mark 2 lines for buttonholes 1/2" on either side of the center front line. The two buttonholes will be a total of 1" apart.

Marking the gown.

Fuse a 2 x 1 inch strip of knit interfacing on the back of the gown behind the marks for the buttonholes and lined up with the pressed up hem.

Fusing interfacing on the back of the gown.

Stitch the Buttonholes and Hem the Gown.

Unfold the pressed up hem and stitch the buttonholes through just one layer of the gown. Cut the buttonholes. My buttonholes are 3/4" tall. Any size that fits within the hem allowance will work.

Stitch the buttonholes

Hem the gown and then thread the ribbon through the buttonholes to finish the gown. My ribbon is 48 inches long.

The finished day gown with drawstring bottom.

Pull up the ribbon and tie in place to keep baby's feet warm. I hope you give this day gown a try and make sure to check out our complete Sewing for Baby Video Series!


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