Smocking for your Teenager

Smocking for your teenager

Today I am turning the blog over to Kelli Fox who continues to smock for her lovely teenage daughter! Yes, you can do this and Kelli and her daughter Gates are here to show you how, so here is Kelli!

Many women have commented, and I agree, that I am fortunate my now 13-year-old daughter, Gates, is still willing to wear smocking. I do indeed count my blessings because smocking is a passion that has given me so much more than beautiful clothes and heirlooms. Smocking is a fairly small community of women across the globe, of which I consider all friends, and some of them I treasure like the Liberty fabrics in my stash!

Gates' willingness to wear smocking needs some qualifying: the fabric, color and garment matter a lot. I have joked about making her now 5'1" frame a lovely bishop, but I usually get the side eye. She and her cousins do love the angel sleeve nightgowns in lawns that I have made, but these days she doesn't seem interested in a puffy sleeved Easter bishop with cute bunnies hopping across the yoke. She was happy to wear smocked garments for special occasions through about 4th grade, but I have had to shift my focus to styles that are more age and trend appropriate where the smocking is more or less of an understatement that the careful eye would catch, but that didn't jump off the fabric at you. My most recent attempt was a knit, scoop neck dress with loose smocking at the waist.