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Two Quick Sews

Two Quick Sews

Sometimes when sewing we want to take our time, get the perfect fit, add the special detail that sets it apart...but sometimes we need a quick gift or the top that is going to complete the outfit and we need it fast! If you find yourself in the later category like I did just before Christmas this year, then here are two quick and fun patterns that you can whip together in a hurry! The first up is the Oslo Sweater from Seamwork magazine. This is one of their first patterns, but I thought it would make a quick and fun sweater for my daughter. I used a french terry that I found at Hobby Lobby - I think it was the only french terry that they had, but it had a metallic thread running through it and I thought it would make a warm but a little bit dressier sweater for her. The pattern went together quickly and easily and in an hour or two, I had a finished sweater! The second pattern is the Coco Tunic from Tilly and the Buttons.

Tilly and the Buttons Coco

I had this fun pair of black and brick red leggings that I wanted to wear for the holidays and I wanted a warm and simple top to go with them. I could have just gone with black, but black tends to make me look washed out. Finding the right red in ready to wear, plus getting the right length sounded like something that was going to take hours of running around, if I was even able to find it.

Coco Top from Tilly and the Buttons

Online fabric shopping to the rescue! I found the perfect red with no problem. I chose to make my Coco top half way between views A and B. I didn't want a dress, but wanted the finished top longer than the top version of the pattern. One caveat - the fabric I used is one I won't use again! I used a fabric described as a Crepe Matte Hybrid. It is 98% polyester and 2% spandex. The fabric has a nice drape but is slippery to work with. The real problem is that it shows every bump and lump! Luckily my leggings smooth everything out, but this fabric is definitely on the "Do Not Sew List" going forward! Also, I made the pattern with the stand up collar which I love! A different fabric choice with a little more body would have worked better with the collar. Reviewers have mentioned that the pattern works well with a ponte. To help the collar to stand up, I put the seam in center back rather than on the side as directed and stitched in the ditch down the seam to help it stay folded. The bottom line is that despite a not great fabric choice for the Coco top, I am still very pleased with the end result for both of these makes. Either choice will enable you to quickly put together your next make!

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