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Blocking a Bishop Neckline

Blocking a Bishop Neckline video

One of my New Year's Goals was to make more videos and today's video is to fulfill a request from one of my newsletter subscribers ( sign up and get the Daisy Smocking plate for free ). She requested a video tutorial on blocking a bishop neckline. In the smocking world, there are many opinions on how to block a bishop, from no blocking at all, to painstakingly blocking precisely for each size. I have to confess that I take a somewhat laid back approach to blocking a bishop. I find that some blocking is necessary to avoid a turtleneck effect, but I am relaxed about it. While I have blocking guides, I don't usually use one. However I am a tight enough smocker that I do find that some blocking is helpful and necessary. I have also found that the smaller the size bishop you are making, the more chance of having a turtleneck, and thus the more need for blocking. I explain all of this in the video, so I hope it helps and you give a bishop a try! The adorable bishop pictured above it the Baby's Breath Pattern made up in Happily Ever After Knit. Kits with pre-pleated fabric are also available!

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