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Free Christmas Sewing & Smocking Designs

Christmas is just around the corner - I can't believe it is the 6th already and there is so much to do! Still in the evening I like to take a few minutes to sit and stitch on something. I also love giving a handmade gift. So, if you are like me, in today's post I have gathered all the round-up posts that have free sewing and smocking designs that I have written over the years. So here they are gathered all in one place. Hopefully you can find a beautiful design to keep your fingers busy this holiday season! Remember if gathering all of the supplies together adds one more thing to the "to do" list, check out our Christmas kits with everything you need to just get started stitching!

First up Let it Snow! I love snowmen - they are so friendly! From a table runner to ornaments, you will find them in this post.