Smocking Stitches Guide: Stacked Cables or Picture Smocking

Stacked Cables

Often when one thinks of smocking, and especially smocking for children, what immediately comes to mind are the adorable designs created with picture smocking. It is so fun to dress your little one in fun designs featuring bunnies, birdies, flowers or even hippos! All of these smocking designs are created using stacked cables, so today's Smocking Stitches Guide is going to tackle the Staked Cable stitch. Now stacked cables have the reputation of being difficult, but they really aren't - I promise! They are just the basic cable stitch stacked one on top on another, and the Cable Stitch is simple! You can find a complete tutorial on the Cable Stitch here. A Stacked Cable is simply working the Cable stitch so like stitches but up against each other. Below you can see the green stitches "kissing" the white ones. Done in the same color, they create a solid swath of color.